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...preferred to have young boys carry the powder to the cannon crew. Boys of 12-14 often performed this job due to their speed and small size. Speed was obvious and the small size helped to reduce them as a target from enemy sharpshooters that may be firing...


... Fisher dominated the landscape for almost the entire war. At one point in 1864 the entire 36th North Carolina regiment of 350-400 men was quartered in the fort. Jefferson Davis even paid a...

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  • DVD’s for your computer featuring 100 restored and tinted image
  • Complete Library of Congress Stereo Card collection (685 cards) on DVD for PC/MAC

Restoring and Tinting Vintage Images walks you through repairing damage to your cherished images and then colorizing them to provide a realistic color photograph. Even badly damaged photographs can gain a new lease on life.

This book provides step by step details on how to repair significant damage and then tint (add color) to the image using Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or GIMP. Each skill is accompanied with example files so you can see the work in progress and then practice on your own.

As an added bonus, step by step techniques are included to restore 3D (stereo view) images popular from the 1850's - the 1920's.

Your knowledge base of digital photo editing will grow with the use of layers, tools and filters that will be practical in working with any image.

Subjects covered:

* Why colorizing works
* Tools needed (including links to free software)
* Obtaining your images (scanning details and links to free public domain images)
* Repairing damage (from minor to major)
* Selecting the right color and creating a color palette
* Coloring your image to create a realistic image
* Stereo (3D) restoration and tinting essentials

Digital Content:

Practice and improve your skills using the more than two gigabytes (2Gb) of sample images from the book that are available to download.

Stephen M. Cobaugh is a writer, director and documentary film producer. Currently he is working on the story of the Ninety Third Pennsylvania Regiment with his film: “Brothers Ever Shall We Be”

I just received my order of stereoviews in the mail. All I can say is WOW! As you know, I'm a Civil War reenactor, but also a professional photographer and graphic designer. The quality of your products is extraordinary and is superior to anything I've seen, especially the color enhancements. It's a interesting reminder of the fact that the war was in color for those who experienced it. It's only modern people who picture it in the sense of black and white or sepia tone. 

Stephen M. Cobaugh

Read what Bob Zeller has to say about our images!

Bob Zeller is a leading authority on Civil War Stereo views.  He is the President of the Center for Civil War Photography and the author of several books on the Civil War including:  The Civil War In Depth (volumes I & II), The Blue and Gray in Black and White and most recently Lincoln in 3D
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From the dawn of the photograph until the advent of practical color photography, images were hand-painted to add the color that was missing in the early photographic processes. This lost art has been admirably revived by Civil War In 3d in their meticulous tinting of stereo views of the Civil War. Following in the time-honored tradition of the anonymous artists who added color to Gardner's legendary wartime photographs and the Anthony War for the Union stereo series, Civil War in 3D reminds us with their work that the Civil War was not fought in a black-and-white world.  Bob Zeller


“ provided 3-D Review with several sample cards. We were amazed at the quality. Using magnifying glasses, we expected to find halftone dots when we inspected the details of the stereoviews. The cards are truly photographic in quality and extremely sharp in detail.”

Most of us visualize the U.S. Civil War through collageblack
and white pictures and few of us realize that it was photographed in 3D!  That’s right, nearly 150 years ago, 3D photography was the most popular type of photography.   Known as “stereoviews”, “stereocards” or “stereographs” was a triumph of early photography that continued in popularity for decades.  Look at the images at the top of the page.  All of them are part of a 3D photograph.

Our reproduction stereoviews are far superior to the few others available.  After printing, each image is professionally mounted onto standard 'Holmes' size stereo card measuring 3 " x 7". Each card uses a matte board the to produce a durable card nearly identical to the original cards. Other reproduction cards are printed on a slightly heavy paper on a home printer and do not have the image quality of professional photo paper, or the "feel" of a commercially mounted card. We pride ourselves in trying to recreate the original card with the best modern technology.

Our customers know this: 

"The most beautiful reproduction stereoview I have ever seen.” a word AWESOME! It really is better than I expected (if that's possible)."

“Absolutely Amazing Cards”

“Very nice repo, very clean, clear w/beautiful color. A real pleasure ! ! ! ! ! !”, 

“Thanks for a really neat item at a great price.”,

“Expertly restored, pristine image. Very pleased.”

“Fine picture as always, Fast, safe delivery.”

This collection comes directly from the archives of the Library of Congress.  Each image was scanned from the original negative and then carefully restored and colored.  The color has been added to these photographs to help recreate, as close as possible, the original scene as it may have appeared on the day it was taken.   We have tried to make the images as realistic as possible.  While some of that is open to interpretation, a great amount of research has been done to come as close as possible to what the original scene may have looked like.

Hand coloring of images is a technique that dates to the very beginning of photography.  During the Civil War images were hand colored and tinted.  The early attempts are crude and quality varies, but the desire for color images was there from the beginning.  There are many examples of period stereo view cards that were colored.

Currently we are in the process of restoring selected images.  This painstaking work takes countless hours to achieve.  While we do not plan to restore all of the more than 2,000 3D images from the Civil War, we do hope to have restored a significant selection that represents both the time and era that was the Civil War.

We hope that you enjoy reviewing the images and return to see how our collection grows.


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