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Francis Brownell is the first example of a stereoview card that was missing one of the images. 

See the FAQ on how we restored this.

Below are some of the details, since the actual uniform exists, we were able to match the original very closely.  It also gives us an opportunity to show the amount of detail work that we put into the images that rarely gets seen.

An original Card is part of the collection of the Library of Congress. 


Only the negative for the right half
survives.  The new card was produced using 3D computer simulation software. 

The yellow background distinguishes this as a simulation, unlike the blue background where both image sides exist.


Actual Color Photo


Color Photo Restoration


The brass color has been restored to what it may have looked like in it’s heyday, but little details are not lost.  Note the small rivet at the bottom of the grip.  This is not brass and while it will NEVER show in the finished image our color reproduction image includes this detail.


Here we matched the “Premier” red and did not color the area around the “1”.  It appears to have darkened over time, from the period photo, but it is clear that it did not have color, so we also left out any color.


Notice that the jacket is almost a very similar to a confederate gray, with just a shade of blue.  We sampled several parts from the original to try to bring the color back as closely as possible.  The jacket was trimmed in a Dark blue, brown and red.  No modern pictures of the medals could be found, so some creative interpretation was made for these.


The pants while very similar to the jacket was actually a few shades bluer.  We sampled and colored these separately from the jacket.


Finally we see the whole uniform come together.  Note the red hat and shirt.

We hope you enjoy seeing some of the detail that went into this, and every image we restore.