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There are a lot of advantages to registering for the Restricted Area in Civil War in 3D.

  1. View all of the cards in 3D with Analglyph (red/cyan) glasses (See example to the right)
  2. Be the first to see new cards.  We try to post regularly with new material, but the members get to see them 7-60 days in advance of non registered users.
  3. Discounts - .  Take 25% off on new material and 10% off of all other material!
  4. Free card - Download and print your own 3D card!  This is the same high quality image that you can purchase, but now you have a chance to print one yourself at no charge! 
  5. Free Newsletter - Every two weeks we talk about stereo views, the Civil War, updates in cards, etc.  If you don’t want the news letter, just let us know.

CivilWarIn3D does not sell any information and uses this area as a benefit to its members.  Your information will not be shared with any other business or users.